VICIOUS, starting as DSS in 2006, has climbed their way up the paintball ladder division by division. Backed by Carl and Karen Bortol of DSSP8NTBALL.COM and coached by Greg Pauley, the team has successfully been able to win a PSP tournament every year since its inception. Their most prominent victories include PSP Back to Back World Cup Champions in 2008 Division 1 and 2009 Semi Pro. The members of VICIOUS pride themselves on the relationships the team has developed on and off the field. What started as just a group of kids from Nebraska has turned into a successful paintball Cinderella story.



DSSP8NTBALL.COM, sister team to team VICIOUS, began in 2006 as a D3 5 man team playing local tournaments and the PSP. The team continued to play D3 5 Man until MAO where, after sitting in the dark and rain for hours waiting to play, team owner Karen Bortol vowed to never play D3 5 Man again. The team has played X Ball/Race2 ever since! DSSP8NTBALL.COM has been a strong force in divisional paintball and has secured many final four finishes over the team’s career. Their most prominent victories include winning the 2009 Chicago Open and also being proclaimed the D2 2009 Series Champions.